What is eRecording?

eRecording is a secure online submission of documents to the Taylor County Clerk of Courts office for recording in the Official Records of Taylor County. eRecording eliminates the need to mail or deliver documents to our office and saves time and money for both the Clerk’s office and our customers.

Benefits of eRecording:

  • Ability to submit electronically – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Expedites recording process
  • Increases efficiencies, streamlines workflow
  • Eliminates payment errors
  • Improves document security – you retain original documents
  • Reduces time gap for recording

If you are a recording customer and wish to begin sending your documents to Taylor County electronically, then please contact the following eRecording vendor to learn about the benefits of eRecording with Taylor County Clerk of Courts Recording Office.

All vendors will be required to abide by the eRecording Business Rules that have been established to comply with the rules prescribed by the Department of State and recommended by the Florida Electronic Recording Advisory Committee.

eRecording Vendors

Disclaimer: When you submit a document for eRecording, that does not constitute as the document being recorded in Taylor County Clerk of Court’s Official Records. Documents are recorded in the order they are received. There is no guarantee that documents will be recorded by Clerk of Court in the same day as it is eRecorded.