You must call (850) 838-3507 the evening before you are scheduled to report to receive your reporting instructions.  Please listen to the entire message as there may be more than one (1) trial pending.

Length of Service

Your first day of service is normally limited to jury selection for the trial held during that week. Jury selection can be an all day process.


The dress code for court is general business attire. Casual attire is acceptable. However, you should not wear tank tops, shorts, or flip-flops.

American Disabilities Act (ADA)

If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact (850) 838-3506 within two (2) working days of your receipt of this jury summons; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call (850) 838-3506.


Please refer to information that was included with your jury summons or click the link below.

Payment for Jury Service

If you will receive regular pay from your employer during jury service, you are not entitled to compensation for the first three days of jury service. If you will not receive regular pay, you are entitled to receive $15 per day for the first three days of service. All jurors will receive $30 on the fourth day and each day thereafter. The Juror Compensation form included with your jury summons must be completed and must be turned into the clerk when you report.