The Taylor County Courthouse will re-open for limited in-person access beginning Monday, October 12, 2020.  In lieu of visiting the Clerk’s office in person, you may still contact us at 850-838-3506 for most inquiries and to make an appointment. If you plan to visit the Courthouse in person please be advised of the following specific restrictions (please read):

  1. Upon entry to the Courthouse everyone will have their temperature taken.  If you have a temperature higher than 100.4 you will not be permitted further entry into the Courthouse, but rather be asked to conduct business remotely.
  2. All visitors will be required to wear a face covering for the safety of themselves and others.
  3. The Courthouse lobby will be restricted to a limited number of people.
  4. Due to limited space, the Clerk’s office will be limited to one customer conducting business per department at a time.  If there is a customer in any of the Clerk’s departments (felony, traffic, marriage license, etc), we ask that you wait until that customer completes their business and exits the office before entering.
  5. All Court appearances will continue to be conducted remotely unless specified otherwise.  You should continue to follow the instructions given on your court appearance notice.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these unprecedented times and please stay safe.

Gary Knowles
Clerk of Courts & Comptroller